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Split Designs

Best Free Graphic Designing Tools


Canva is a powerful, free graphic design tool that’s perfect for social media design elements. Canva’s templates take guesswork out of appropriate sizes for each social media platform. Canva is great for simple projects that give your social media posts a creative boost.


DesignWizard is similar to Canva, but includes all of its available tools in the free version. With over 10,000 free templates, you can easily create digital items such as social media posts and YouTube channel art, as well as print items like gift certificates and sales posters.


Infographics are powerful and shareable. In a little over two years, infographic search volumes increased over 800 percent. We know infographics get the job done, but not everyone has the design know-how to create them.

Piktochart gives non-designers the ability to create basic infographics without relying on powerful design software like InDesign. Choose from 400 templates, icons and graphics to get your message across.

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